Archaeological Conservation Winter School in Florence (Italy)

January 9th – February 9th 2023

Winter School

The Winter School in archaeological conservation is a joint intensive program by Masaryk University, Centre of Prehistoric Archaeology of the Near East and CAMNES, the Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies. The School takes place in January and February in Florence, Italy, and aims at introducing students to the restoration and conservation practices applied to archaeology. The program combines fundamental conservation techniques with hands-on lab work on different types of ancient artifacts (CERAMIC, METAL, and GLASS) mainly unearthed at the CAMNES excavation of the Etruscan Necropolis of Pratino in Tuscania (Upper Latium).


The Winter School’s program offers well-balanced practical and theoretical content and meets high standards in the facilities, experts and locations involved. Students learn what happens to the finds once they leave their recovery contexts and arrive in the laboratory: here, in the fully equipped CAMNES Archaeology Laboratory, students are involved in the fundamental activities of cleaning, consolidation, restoration, conservation, repointing, documentation, study, and storage of the archaeological finds. The course also includes visits to museums and study trips to archaeological sites in Florence. The course takes place from Monday to Friday included.


Mandatory attendance is a primary requirement for a responsible learning experience. Only two absences are tolerated. Punctuality is mandatory. Late arrivals are counted as absences.
No academic requirement and no experience of archaeological conservation are demanded.
The required level of English language is B2 according to CEFR (TOEFL iBT score of 87 or higher / IELTS score 5.5 or higher

ECTS credits: 9
Tuition fee: 2,500 EUR*
Language of instruction: English
Level: Bachelor, Master
Application deadline: November 10th, 2022
Location: Florence (Italy)

* Tuition fee includes accommodation.

program brochure


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